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Whether you’re a grill master or a novice at grilling, there is now a tool that you can use to make grilling more enjoyable and safer. Say goodbye to burned hair on your arms and hands from grill flare ups, no more burned meat because you can/t reach it without getting burned and no more using tongs that the meat slips out of and falls on the ground. You can choose from 3 different sizes of meat flippers. Now you can have the perfect tool to use for your grilling experience. You can use this tool for grilling steaks, chicken and sausage. Not only can you use this tool for outside grilling but you can use it for cooking at your kitchen stove. This is the perfect tool for turning bacon and fried chicken in the skillet, turning ears of corn that are being cooked, turning large slices of cooked cabbage and the list goes on.

The uniqueness of the easy meat flipper is that each meat flipper, regardless of size, is hand crafted from #304 grade stainless steel. Each stainless steel rod has been hand fabricated with a point one end that has been shaped to a special bend or twist. Because of this twist you can easily secure the meat or vegetable that you’re cooking and easily turn it and move it around on the grill or in the skillet. Connected on the other end of the stainless steel rod is a wooden handle that is crafted from Oak hardwood (Walnut & Pecan when available) directly from the hardwoods of Leon County, Texas. Chances are that if you ordered several of the meat flippers at one time not one would be the same measurement as the other because each meat flipper is uniquely hand crafted.

This is the perfect BBQ and Grilling tool to purchase for Birthday gifts, Christmas Gifts, Fathers Day gifts, Mothers Day gifts and even Business and Corporate Gifts. Most of the Easy Meat Flippers are ordered in sets of two or all three sizes are ordered at once.


The Easy Meat Flipper comes in 3 different sizes: small, medium and large.


Overall length is approximately 13 inches which includes the 5 and ½ inch wooden handle.


Overall length is approximately 17 inches which includes the 5 and ½ inch wooden handle.


Overall length is approximately 21 inches which includes a 7 and ¾ inch wooden handle.

Each size ordered can be made for either a right handed or a left handed user.